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The Givers

This isn’t song lyrics, this isn’t something I heard from someone. This is straight from my mind. This is how I feel and how I think.

There are two types of people in this world. You have givers and you have receivers. Receivers do exactly that. Receive. When a problem arises they seek someone out. That’s where givers come in. Givers give. They give help whether it be advice or otherwise, but they don’t rest until that receiver is at peace. Both are habits. Being a receiver doesn’t mean you always need help, it means it’s natural for you to want help before helping yourself.

I happen to personally, fall into the category of giver. I often ask people I know and often those I don’t: “What’s wrong?” “Want to talk?” because I hate seeing people in pain. It pains me. But you know what sucks about being a giver? Today, we’re like an endangered species because there are so many receivers, they outnumber us immensely. But being outnumbered doesn’t even matter! Because we love helping, that just means we can help more people. No, what sucks is who gives to a giver? I’m not a god. I don’t lack problems in my life .I am weak. I am human. And I can’t help it.

There is a quote, some of you might know, it simply says: “Who watches the watchmen?” and man do I get that. That applies more so to a judicial view sort of but I bring it back to givers.

Not to worry though, I know. I know some of you will read all this and take my words and twist them into making me seem self centered or over confident. This isn’t a triumphant thing I’m writing. It’s a call for help. An SOS. I need help because I can’t do this alone. I need more givers in my life. I’m sure everyone does. I need friends who will pester me about what’s bothering me, relentlessly, until I give in. You know why? Because that is love. That is friendship. That is how youshouldact.

Obviously a vast majority of you who actually read this far. Still won’t care. You’ll care enough to give it some thought. Maybe even contemplate it. But I don’t write this for you. I  write it for the one or two people who will read this and go out tomorrow andstriveto be a giver.

All I ask is you at least look at yourself and see who you are. Don’t assume your a giver because you ask someone what they’re upset about and then leave it at an awkward goodbye. If you’re a giver you know you’re a giver and you should always be a giver.

So regardless of what you’re first nature is, stop receiving.

And start giving.

2 years ago